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Is Eating at Night one of the causes for Overweight?

By January 6, 2017Fact or Myth

Fact or Myth?

Eating late at night leads to weight gain

According to a recent study done by Northwestern University, eating at the “wrong times” might be strongly linked to weight gains. Researchers conducted the test by feeding two groups of mice at different hours of the day (right time v. wrong time) the same amount of calories. The controlled group had an increase in weight of 49% while the group eating at right times only experienced a weight gain of 20%. This study found similar results to studies done at the Kronos Longevity Research Institute in Phoenix, and according to senior research fellow Arline D. Salbe, PhD. when “modern lifestyles continue to modify work and sleep patterns, the risk of weight gain from nighttime energy intake becomes more relevant to greater numbers of people.”


Nighttime for humans is time for rest, this means that the body temperature declines and the leptin levels start to rise, encouraging you not to eat. By eating at night you are contradicting your body’s natural circadian rhythm, so bad consequences are very likely. Even though the study does not prove the myth completely, we strongly suggest you put the spoon down past 2 hours from your bed time.

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