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Mother Nature Vs. Hydroponic Farming

By December 30, 2016Contemporary Issues

Challenges Of Agricultural Farming

History has proven that societies have become prosperous or extinct related to the forces of nature. Pompeii was buried under volcanic ash, and the islands of Hawaii are built from volcanic ash.

Farming is also dependent on weather patterns to ensure delivery of food supplies to consumers. Mother Nature is not always maternal to farm lands. Natural disasters have a profound effect on agricultural production in the United States and globally.


“Mankind can only disappoint mother nature for so long.” – Anthony Douglas Williams

When Nature Does Not Cooperate

Northern United States is abundant in maple syrup production. Ever question why the pure maple syrup poured over pancakes is so costly? Ice storms that plague the northern United States cause maple trees to lose limbs which decreases maple syrup production. Maple syrup harvesters rely on a freeze during the night and above freezing temperatures during the day to allow tapping of the syrup that flows through the trees. The weather does not always cooperate and maple syrup harvesters lose production of the expensive sugary sap.

Violent storms have been responsible for eliminating wheat farms in the Midwest leaving the fields barren resulting in shortages of wheat.


“Do not harm your home, as it will fall on you once it can’t take it no more”

Freezing temperatures ruin Florida’s oranges and the crops are left damaged. California is the abundant grower of fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts, and ongoing droughts have wreaked havoc with the agricultural production of these food supplies in the United States.

Decrease of food surplus will result in price$$$ increases to the consumer.

What Does This Mean To The Future Of Farming?

Hydroponic Farming may be a solution to maintain sustainable food crops and avoid large losses to the current farming practices. Crops can be grown without soil and not be affected by climate conditions. Imagine orange trees produced in Alaska and maple syrup manufactured in Arizona! Hydroponic Farming can generate abundance nutritious food supplies and decrease costs for consumers. Imagine a world where everyone can afford to eat healthy!

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