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Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American born on March 31, 1927 who fiercely fought through peaceful methods for the rights of  the American Farm workers. “Si, Se, Puede” (Yes it can be done), are words that Cesar Chavez repeatedly chanted across farming fields.

Chavez’s passion for field workers stemmed from his parents who were migrant workers. His political protests in the forms of marches and boycotts on crops were non- violent but loudly heard across the lands. Chavez opposed the use of harmful pesticides on food crops and gathered many supporters that believed sustainable farming enhances the quality of human life, along with animal welfare.

During the grape boycott against California wine grape growers, he lost 35 pounds in 25 days due to fasting.

He strongly advocated to the public that “Our Land Feeds Us”, and should be shielded against the use of harmful toxic chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic fertilizers that stain the fertile soils of our lands. Chavez exposed social injustices of field hands such as the use of Short handled hoes that required workers to stoop for prolonged hours causing severe back pain. This social movement resulted in the ban of such improper equipment that workers had been forced to use.

Cesar Chavez instilled dignity in farming and believed that farmlands are the heartbeat of our nation. March 31st is Cesar Chavez Day and is a reminder of one man who heroically defended the working hands that yield the crops, which feed us all.


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